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What are the most popular sports in the World?

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      The most popular sports in the World

1) Football(Soccer). 3.3-3.5 Billion Fans. (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas,etc)

2) Cricket 2-3. Billion Fans.

3) Field Hockey. 2-2.2 Bilion Fans. (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia)

4) Tennis. Around 1 Billion Fans. (Europe, Americas, Asia)

5) Volleyball Around 900 Million Fans. (Asia, Erope, Americas, Australia)

6) Table Tennis Around 900 Million Fans. (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas)

7) Baseball Around 500 Million Fans. (U.S, Japan, Cuba, Dom rep)

8) Golf Around 400 Million Fans. (U.S, Canada, Europe)

9) Gridiron (american football) 390-410 Million Fans. (U.S mainly)

10) Basketball Not more than 400M Fans. (U.S, Canada mainly)
..but it is certainly true that no sport requires faster reactions and more delicate muscular co-ordination than table tennis.
- International Table Tennis Federation museum

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